About Us

We’re really just a bunch of people who love pets and have a passion for helping people and animals out there. Just so you can get to know us a little more personally, we thought we’d share some stuff with you.

Aneil Weber
Pets: Nikki and Yuki – American Eskimo’s

My wife and I have two dogs and they pretty much make up our immediate family. We love them to death and there aren’t too many moments that we aren’t all together. After a couple pretty scary experiences, we decided that having pet insurance is something that could make all the difference when something bad happens. We decided to start a pet insurance site to help educate people out there about it and make it so nobody ever had to take finances into account when facing a life threatening situation with their pets. We’ve already met so many great people and look forward to many more friends in the future of this business!

Jenna Conover
Writer/Blogger and Friend

Pets: Gunner and Sophie – Yellow Labs
Siamese kitty named Bo
Phineas – a white and tabby yellow kitty

jenna conover picture

Jenna is a web content writer, advise columnist,and author of several blogs . Her work has been featured every where from online to local print. As a constant student of her craft, Jenna continues to explore new ways to breath life into the written word, as a form of expression. Jenna enjoys an outdoor lifestyle in the beautiful state of Colorado, with her husband, her boys, and her two yellow labs.

Lisa Vaughn
Author and inspiration to us all
Author of “Am I Different Mommy”

Lisa Ashtab
Lisa is our newest member and somebody who really embodies what we are all about. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and despite numerous setbacks and discouragement over her lifetime, she has created nothing but success and happiness out of her life. As a women with cerebral palsy, she shares her wisdom and experiences to the world through her writings.

Lisa is currently in the process of publishing her much anticipated book: “Am I Different Mommy” and has hundreds of fans waiting to hear what she has to say.

Lisa encourages others to believe in themselves and know that anything is possible. Lisa lives life to the fullest with her two girls and six-pack of animals. Her cat and five dogs provide entertainment, companionship and un-conditional love to her whole family.