Why you are missing out if you aren’t going to blogpaws 2010

by aneil on March 18, 2010

First off, if you haven’t heard about Blogpaws and you’re in this industry shame on you.  Blogpaws is THE gathering of pet bloggers and a resource for all kinds of learning, networking, and of course FUN.

I was indirectly introduced to Blogpaws through some contact Ellie here at the Pet Insurance Center made and was immediately disappointed that I don’t think I’ll be making the conference this year.  Right now we’re under the water as far as time versus work is concerned but that’s beside the point.

I wanted to direct my efforts here to explaining why conferences such as Blogpaws and Blogpaws specifically are something any business or individual in this industry should not miss out on.

I come from a background in online marketing and pretty much ran a social media marketing/SEO firm for years.  I’m was also involved in some of the early Web 2.0 stuff (right before that name really even came about) and co-founded a company called CrazyEgg amongst other things.  I have seen how the blogging community can influence entire industries from the very beginning and how over time, relationships with bloggers and the entire online community can be an absolutely essential component of any business operation.  This has never been more true of virtually any industry and the pet industry is no exception.  Whether you are just blogging about your pets for fun or if you really want to try to make something big happen for pets and pet lovers, you should definitely attend Blogpaws this year.
Learn more about Blogpaws here.

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