Raw Fed dog diet? Now I’m curious.

by aneil on March 13, 2010

Raw Fed Diet

I just read a post over at Bark-N-blog about Callie Rose, the Raw Fed Labrador.  I haven’t heard much about this so I just did some research and am really curious about this diet.  I remember being told when I was younger that people would feed their bull terriers kittens to make them better attack dogs.  I’m still not terribly happy about the image that puts in my mind nor am I entirely sure why, against my better judgment, I’m mentioning that here on a raw fed post.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the raw-fed diet, its pretty much as it sounds; giving your dog (or cat) raw meat as their diet rather than canned or bagged food.  I’m not going to outline all the considerations for raw feeding, there are a ton of resources you can look into if you really want to start this diet.  I recommend starting with the Yahoo groups.

I’m just going to share a few tidbits I found here:

  • You can choose pretty much anything – Chicken, quail, fish, eggs.
  • Chicken is the base for most raw feeders
  • Avoid using items that have been raised inappropriately such as feedlots.  I guess you should stick with organic food to be sure.

Some benefits of switching to a raw diet:

  • No doggy odor (to me this is a bit counter intuitive but hey)
  • Naturally clean teeth – Huge in my book.  My dogs teeth are already covered in plaque despite regular brushing and greenies.
  • Less stool produced and firmer stool – Might save some trouble if you have holes in the plastic bag you used (I hate that)
  • Lower vet bills – Apparently allergies are mostly caused by grain rich diets (normal pet food)
  • Puppies develop at a more appropriate rate – I didn’t know this was an issue but it looks like fast puppy growth leads to health problems.  Makes sense to me.
  • Eating raw meaty bones develops the jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles of the dog.  I guess eating kibble from a bowl doesn’t exactly help the whole ripping and chewing activity.

I don’t know if I’ll be switching to this diet anytime soon (my wife just freaked out when I told her about this ) but it does sound promising.  If anybody else follows this diet please chime in on the comments!

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